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I am the new guy

geschrieben von Antoinette am Donnerstag, 14. September 2017, 11:20

Nicely put. Thanks.

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China: Where Cheap Products Are Not Always Cheap

geschrieben von ShelleyGui am Freitag, 8. September 2017, 09:01

I have a problem with the Chinese. You rent an apartment to one man and his wife and before you know it, there are dozens of little men and women swarming all over the place. And because they all look the same, you can’t even tell which one of them you collected rent from.

And as if that’s not enough, they would bring in everything they need from China – from kitchen utensils to beddings and flip-flops. Even the call girls that ‘service’ them are all from China. That’s bad business for our runs-girls and pimps. And to make matters worse, they’re always saving, saving and saving. No clubbing, no ‘dashing’ anybody anything. If you see them shopping, it’s likely to be at the grocery section. For he would wear the same set of clothes for his entire stay in the country. In fact, I suspect it’s the too much ‘sense’ in their heads that prevents most of them from growing tall.

But that’s not the reason I was not thrilled by President Muhammadu Buhari’s visit to China. If nothing else, the visit would have afforded members of the president’s team the opportunity of seeing many beautiful and tall Chinese people.

But, on a more serious note, I’m one of those who believe that, in diplomacy, there are no do-gooders anywhere in the world. Everyone out there is looking for what would best serve the interest of his country. No free lunch anywhere! In fact, put more bluntly, every country is out there looking for what other country to scam. But every scam is packaged as a win-win deal that would have everyone happy. Yes, both parties are happy, but one of them is only happy because he’s too daft to know he has been scammed.

Nothing better captures the scam we call foreign aid and bilateral agreements than the fact that the UK and US are already kicking against Nigeria’s Chinese romance – albeit covertly. The same US and UK that had been singing the praise of President Buhari since last year are suddenly seeing so many things wrong with his administration. They’re...[Weiterlesen]
Our teams have arrived that some components have for causes greatest identified to them, mischievously distorted the intent of our unique script by alluding such phrases as ‘violence, ‘ ‘threat, ‘ ‘war’ and ‘mass action’ to it.

"We discover this mischievous as a result of as cultured Thoroughbred Northerners, we've by no means wherever and at anytime, below no matter circumstances, referred to as anyone to violence as a technique of battle decision."

"We discover this mischievous as a result of as cultured Thoroughbred Northerners, now we have by no means anyplace and at anytime, below no matter circumstances, known as anyone to violence as a technique of battle decision.

"In strict observance of that tradition, we by no means employed violence as a technique of pursuing our curiosity and at each alternative, we go for peaceful engagements and implore individuals to eschew violence in all its ramifications.

"This informs why, a majority of discerning Nigerians, not essentially northerners alone, understood and recognized with our specific name for the Biafrans to be allowed to actualize their lengthy-held secessionist aspiration.

"We wholeheartedly endorse the strikes made variously by our leaders to allay these fears and urge folks to be peaceful and legislation-abiding whereas at the identical time resolutely insisting on having the precise factor carried out by permitting the Igbos to have and transfer to their dream nation in accordance with the common elementary proper to self-dedication.

"We restate our dedication and dedication to making certain that the North won't ever partake in any contrived association that may nonetheless have the Biafran Igbo as a element.

"We reiterate our name on Nigerian authorities and acknowledged worldwide our bodies such because the ECOWAS, AU and UN to hasten the initiation of the method for the ultimate actualization of the Biafran nation out of the current federation."

The teams famous that regardless of...[Weiterlesen]

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Por fim, também não acontecerá pontuada a simples extrato do artigo, dissociada da argumento cobrança indevida de icms na conta de luz 2017 stj conhecimento doutrinário.

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